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Is your diesel & petrol vehicle causing you any problems? Are you concerned about its service & maintenance? If yes, then bring it to our A-class facilities at Nandi Autocare! We are your one-stop diesel & petrol mechanic, successfully serving clients across the Melbourne suburbs including Dandenong, Dingley Village and Keysborough.


Putting your Mechanical Worries to Rest – Nandi Autocare, Master Diesel & Petrol Mechanic in Dandenong, Keysborough & Dingley Village!


Auto Mechanical Repairs

Nandi Autocare is an experienced mechanic in Dandenong, Dingley Village and Keysborough. We have world-class equipment and fully trained team dedicated for working on your diesel powered cars. We are known for keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology. Our efforts enable us to have the knowledge capability to repair, maintain and service any car model that you own.


Nandi Autocare - Your ‘Round the Corner’ Friendly Auto Mechanic in Dandenong, Keysborough & Dingley Village


Diesel Mechanic Dingley Village, Keysborough

Our friendly mechanics know how to speak in a simple language. They are encouraged to use lesser jargons while communicating with our customers. This enables our customers to feel comfortable while communicating with them. It also enables them to know exactly what repairs are being executed, to be sure about the genuineness of the replacement parts and also have an idea about the cost of repairs. So whenever you are in need of an expert mechanic for your diesel-powered vehicle, just pick up your phone and book an appointment with us at Nandi Autocare!